Who said math was a tough nut?

In Balconia, math is a soft cookie!

Language-independent equation-free math games


Win all 21 marbles in a game of number pairs and logic. Kids will quickly get used to associating 6 with 4, 7 with 3, 8 with 2 and 9 with 1 without mixing them up. No sugar, no unhealthy additives, no ads or infinite levels... just 21 marbles that keep breaking.

Recommended age: 5+; also fun for adults who like Sudoku.

FIFO is a friendly dolphin in charge of saving the Earth from an alien invasion. In a sequence of levels of increasing difficulty kids will help FIFO capture all the aliens and will learn all their multiplication facts without even noticing.

Recommended age: 5-9, especially kids in the process of learning the multiplication table.

Dirichlet's drawer principle (also known as box principle or pigeonhole principle) says that if we have more things than drawers to store them in, then at least one drawer will have more than one thing stored in it. We are building a tricky game based on just this simple principle. It's fun for both children and adults.